Do you find yourself wanting to make changes but never really knowing how to go about it? Maybe you're thinking about a different career path after becoming a parent, or you want to change your style but don't know how? Are you too nervous to join the gym or begin a new health plan? The Confidence Club is where the path to becoming the best version of you begins! No, you don't need to change, but you might need to develop how you think or feel about things. Working on your confidence in key areas of life can really make a difference. Come join us in our FREE facebook group to see if The Confidence Club is your key to success. If you find you need something a little bit more personal there are lots of other options too, why not try a group workshop, join my membership community or hire me as a Coach/Consultant or speaker at your event.

A little bit about me!

I'm Fiona Brown, mum of 2, native to Yorkshire but living in Essex via London and Europe. I spent years working in a Professional career until I had my first son and had to leave the job. I'm a Lecturer, Trainer, Assessor and Confidence Coach, and have a special interest in Parenting, Education, Life as a Working Mum and Fashion/Styling. I do lots of work in the national press, usually around body confidence after children and relationships. Hop over and join me on social media to have a look at some of the press I've done recently. I write regularly for parenting publications, and am currently writing my first book about Confident Mammas raising Confident Kids.