Starting a Side-Hustle - How to get it done!

So you want to start out on your own, change your job, or try your hand at something new? Maybe you've always had a burning desire to be an artist, open a café, or have a skill you think other's could use, but where would you start? Here are my top-tips for sustaining a side-hustle on top of everything else.

1 - What is a side-hustle?

I thought I'd cover this first just in case you haven't heard the term - a side-hustle is basically a business you run on the side whist (usually) still working in the job you've always been in.

2 - You need to be SUPER organised!

We all know there isn't really enough time in the day to fit anything else in so to run a business and make it successful you need to get organised. Schedule some time each day to dedicate to it whether it's social media, training, networking, researching - whatever you need to do, you need to work on it a lot, particularly in the early days. Get a diary, use it!

3 - Do what you love!

Seems obvious, but if you're going to invest time (and possibly money) into something, do it because you want to not because someone thinks it's the best thing for you to do. You may well be an amazing seamstress but if you don't want to sit sewing all day every day, it might not be the best move to start a handmade clothes line. Think about what you're passionate about, and consider where your skills already are - do you need to re-train, upskill etc? But most of all remember that if you don't enjoy it most of the time, you probably won't bother putting in the effort.

4 - Don't expect too much too soon!

It takes time to build a business and a brand - give yourself a year to really see how it pans out. Don't get too uptight about every setback. You will make loads of mistakes at first, just make a note of them and learn from it - it's a journey but it's not a race.

5 - Ask for help!

Ask your family and friends to help in whatever way they can. Proofreading, generating ideas, liking and sharing on social media all make a huge difference. If they can help with childcare so you can dedicate a few hours a week, or they can walk the dog for you while you work, let them do it!

6 - Put yourself out there!

If you want to run a business, there's a good chance you will begin by being your own PR person, writer, accountant, designer - the list is endless and you have to be prepared for this. You need to be willing to shout about yourself from the rooftops - get on social media, go to events, network in your local area, share your story, tell people what you're about. If you don't, how will anyone know you exist?

7 - Be wary of investing in ventures that seem too good to be true - they probably are. There are lots of tempting companies who offer free joining to sell their products, or ask for a small 'fee' to join and market their products with you earning commission on them but exercise some caution. They may advertise self-made millionaires but do your research, how many are actually doing well? Is the average sales person making what you want to make from their investment? Do you like their ethics, are you into their products? Do you want to sell on behalf of someone else's company? (Lots of people are successfully with MLM - Multi Level Marketing - but it's buyer beware until you are sure of the return on investment - just my opinion!)

So now you've decided what you want to do, or maybe you're doing it. Maybe you're at a point where you need some help with your business administration processes or you're not sure where to go with your PR, or need some blog posts writing but seem to get stuck - that's where I can help! Email me or contact me on any of my social media. Let's see if we are a good fit to work together.