Work with Me

Writing & Journalism

I'm available to consider commissions for writing in any areas, but my particular interests are Parenting, Women's Issues such as pregnancy, health, career and wellbeing as well as general lifestyle such as fashion. I'm happy to provide comment and quotes for any articles or pieces for any of the areas that I work in, please see my contact page to get in touch. I can also provide regular copy for these subjects, as well as the Legal profession and Education. 

Confidence Club

One of the main issues I hear when people talk about life is that they lack confidence. Whether that's in parenting, relationships, public speaking, career or just generally, it's the thing that comes up time and time again yet this need not be an ongoing problem! As a Confidence Coach I can help you to develop your skills to achieve what you thought you couldn't through workshops, online courses and one to one coaching all designed to rebuild your confidence to enable you to live your best life. Take a look at the Confidence Club page for more details or sign up here for details on my fabulous live event 'Be Empowered & Leave Inspired'.

Writing Workshops

Writing is a bit of minefield - we all need to do it but not everyone enjoys the process. If you need to write for your career, business or just need to brush up on your skills generally, one of my writing workshops might be for you. Contact me for more details here.

Bespoke Packages and Workshops

Hopefully one of my services will fit your needs, but if you can't find what you're looking for use the Contact Page to get in touch.