Kids need confidence too ....

Life for Kids has moved on. Social media means they're exposed to so much more than we ever were. They're consistently bombarded with images in the media of what it is to be perfect - the need to be famous, skinny, pretty, whatever it is, it's hard work being a young person in the Millennium. 

That's why we are developing the Confident Kids Club - a bit like the adult version but tailored to their specific needs and issues. Whether they need to develop the confidence to say 'no' to peer pressure, or maybe learn a new skill. They might just need a boost now and again and want to join an inclusive group where they can be supported by other people of the same age and learn how to build their own self confidence.

We're responsible for building a future for the young people of today, so let's help them do it with confidence and positivity to become the very best version of themselves they can be.