Kids need confidence too ....

Life for children is pretty different to the way that we grew up. Everything has moved on, not least the invention of Social Media - imagine living your childhood and teenage years out and feeling the need to share every detail with everyone you  know and sometimes people that you don't!

That's why we are developing the Confident Kids Club - a bit like the adult version but tailored to their specific needs and issues. Whether they need to develop the confidence to say 'no' to peer pressure, or maybe to learn a new skill. They might just need a boost now and again and want to join an inclusive group where they can be supported by other people of the same age and learn how to build their own self confidence.

Whatever they, or you, feel they need we can help. My experience in Lecturing and Assessing and working in Education over the years really lends itself to working with young people of all backgrounds to really help them be the best they can possibly be. 

We run events for children and young people, can come to schools and run workshops, or arrange pop-up or drop-in sessions for your clubs (Guides/Brownies/Scouts/Youth Clubs etc) Just drop us a line about what you need.