I'm an experienced writer and am available to commission for any written pieces, print or online, and will consider any topics.  My particular interest is in long-form journalism and I have both a fiction and non-fiction book due out in 2019/20. I have an MA (with Merit) in Writing and regularly contribute to a variety of outlets, national and local. Please contact me to discuss commissions or projects.  You can find some examples of my work listed on this page.

One of my recent articles 'Why turning 40 doesn't bother me' has been published by Thrive Global - you can read it here or on my blog 

I featured as part of the 'March of Inspiring Mums' by Halia Rose, an interview series of women who run businesses whilst bringing up kids - read more about it here

Written for Medium - When the Mental Load of Motherhood is just too heavy https://medium.com/@fionabrown_91932/when-the-mental-load-of-motherhood-is-just-too-heavy-58ad41cbb000

Written for Medium - How to be a Career Change Mum https://medium.com/@fionabrown_91932/how-to-be-a-career-change-mum-45c793628033

Written for Medium - Is it worth taking an MA in Writing? https://medium.com/@fionabrown_91932/is-it-worth-taking-an-ma-in-writing-2eae73a61800