Why mummy might not want you to kiss her baby!

Something to keep in mind if you're visiting family this festive period (or anytime you're visiting someone with a baby) - If someone has a baby, you might be desperate for a cuddle and it might feel natural for you kiss their little heads or faces, but mummy might not want you to! Don't be offended or critical!

Try to remember what it's like being a new mum - it's a crazy bubble of massive adjustment, and it doesn't matter how many times YOU have done it, this is their experience not YOURS.

Instead of everyone grappling for the baby, ask mum how she is first - does she need a shower, a hot drink, a walk? Does she want to pop to the shops while you watch baby? She might need to get her head down for a nap for an hour - these things are USEFUL! So rather than just wanting to sit and cuddle baby (yes we all have baby cravings once our kids are older, and I think we're all a bit guilty of returning to gaga baby mode when we see someone else's) ask mum first if there's anything you can do for her. She will be hugely grateful.

AND if mum doesn't want anyone to cuddle baby yet, or has asked that you don't kiss them, please be respectful. That baby has just come out of her, she is supposed to be protective - that is our job as a Mummy!

And mummies, if the thought of someone kissing or cuddling your baby is something you can't get on board with at the moment, don't feel guilty or be too hard on yourself - BUT if someone offers to watch baby while you sleep, wee, shower, eat - if you can, take them up on it. Those moments are too few and far between once you're a mum and you will most likely never pee without an audience for the next 10 years!

Oh and if anyone feels like they need to do a bit of babysitting, my 3 and 5 year old boys are a fab way to put you off!