The Royal Wedding, Kim Kardashian #suckit and a 'Menopausal' economy - Oh what a week!

The Royal Wedding is almost upon us - anyone fed up yet? I don't know about you, but I just really want to see what Meghan is wearing and the type of flowers she's carrying! (It'll be a classy affair no doubt because the Queen herself has approved it - although she's a Hollywood actress so I'm guessing there'll be a touch of LA LA Land glam in there somewhere - I hope so). Anyway, who doesn't want to see what type of wedding dress marrying into Royalty can get you? I'll be watching just for that ... and may even raise a glass (or two) of bubbles in celebration. The weather looks great for the weekend and I'm sure there'll be lots of street parties around the UK, which is a nice way to bring the community together. 


In other news Kim Kardashian made a boo-boo posting a picture of herself on Instagram sucking what was described as an 'appetite suppressant' lollipop and telling her millions of followers to #suckit. In the words of all sensible people all over the world WTF was she thinking? She's now apparently taken down the post after the uproar it caused all over social media, with much 'Kardashian' bashing taking place. Look, I have no real issue with the family - I've watched KUWTK plenty, it's easy watching, borderline entertaining, and a glimpse into how the other half live - but I'm not really Kimmy K's main demographic and that's the problem. Many of her followers are impressionable youngsters, who will look up to her for a variety of reasons, not least because everyone seems to want to be famous these days (a 'normal' job doesn't carry any kudos as far as I can tell), and it wasn't the cleverest move to be endorsing losing weight by not eating and sucking on a lollipop - Kris Jenner, their 'momager' is probably one of the most astute business women in the world, and more power to her, but whoever this got past (PR team where were you?), this was a mistake. Will the Kardashian clan be harmed? No, probably not, let's face it,  they're no strangers to media scrutiny and by the time Prince Harry marries MM this will be fish and chip wrapping (if you're under 30 you won't get that - go ask an old person what it means).


In other news, The BoE Deputy Governor, Ben Broadbent, said the British economy is 'Menopausal'. Apparently we all have to be massively offended and he's since offered an apology for his poor choice of words. I am not an easily upset person, and I don't think we have to burn our bras at everything that comes out of a man's mouth and brand it 'sexist' however the reason this should really worry us, IMO, is that this man is sitting at the top of one of our most important institutions, made a stupid analogy, and couldn't use the brainpower he's supposed to have to make better phrasing choices in the first place - it's an unfortunate example of the type of people up there and why it's absolutely imperative that women start taking on some roles in high office. 

And that's it - another week almost over - with the Royal Wedding and a sunny weekend to look forward to. Be kind, be inspired, be happy! Cheers