Summer Style

Maybe it's this gorgeous sunny weather but I'm in love with all things orange at the moment .... these tassel earrings have been dragged out at any opportunity and this 6 quid @georgeatasda top is a fave! The kimono thing over the top I've had sitting in my wardrobe for maybe a year and now I'm getting to throw it on! The sunglasses were a steal from @dorothyperkins for £2 in the sale - and there's nothing I love as much as a bargain (well, not nothing, I love gin more, and prosecco, oh and the kids .... almost forgot, the hubby too obvs) and there is nothing quite like getting your confidence groove on by sticking on an amazing bright colour and feeling like you're absolutely slaying life! (It also boosts your mood and positivity so win, win)

Tips for finding your own bold style

Find a colour you love and that works for you - once you know what you love, it's easier to work your existing wardrobe around some new pieces

Buy things that will work with what you already have - make a list of the things you own that you really like, and enjoy wearing, and look out for similar things or pieces that will enhance them

Try everything on - If you don't try it on you can't possibly tell if it will work or not - I've lost count of the amount of times I've thought 'I love that, but it won't work on my shape' only to try it on and find it looks great!

Change your taste - Much like with food, your taste changes as you get older, or move into other paths of life. What you think you don't like, because you didn't used to like it, doesn't mean it might not work now - have a go, because you just never know.

Don't shy away from being bold - There will be at least one bold colour to suit your skin tone - find it and work from that palette.

Buy a statement piece - much like the earrings in this picture - they're pretty bold and make a statement when I'm wearing them - and that's why I love them - they're not to everyone's taste but I'd wear them every day in summer if I could! And they don't have to be expensive, the earrings were about a fiver!

Don't stress about the size on the hanger/label - We all know that different shops cut their clothes differently (who hasn't been a size 10 in one place and a size 16 in another, on the same day). It really doesn't matter what the label says (who's going to see it anyway, and you can always cut it out) because what matters is how it looks and how you feel in it. If you feel amazing, it will give you a boost and you'll carry yourself much more confidently!

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