Reaching your goals and overcoming obstacles

Yesterday I had one of those gym sessions where your head just isn't in the game! I'd had a 4 day bank holiday weekend break and it was a really hard workout, nevertheless I powered through and felt better for going ..... this morning I got weighed for the first time in ages (I'm more a fan of how I look/feel/how my clothes fit than what the scales say), and realised I'd reached a massive goal of getting 4lb below my target weight of pre-1st baby .... it's a long road, particularly when there are so many other priorities than working out and eating well but over the years I've MADE them a priority and kept it up! If you read my story in last week you'll know this journey was even harder because of 2 difficult pregnancies in 2 years which has left me with badly damaged hips and lower spine .... but if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything!

Tips to achieving your goals and overcoming obstacles

Set a firm goal - what is you want to achieve?

Give yourself a timescale - when do you want to do it by?

Write it down - Make a note of what, how, why and when - map out your plan of action - go back to the list and tick things off as you achieve them.

Be accountable - If you struggle to be accountable for yourself, get someone to do it for you - a friend, a mentor or a coach - someone who will regularly ask you where you're at on your path to achievement.

Keep going - The path of least resistance is always the easiest to follow but you probably won't reach where you want to be - even if you fall once, get back up and get going on. Nothing worth doing was ever particularly easy.

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