Quick Confidence Building Tips

Whether it's a new job. a first date, an interview or really anything that requires you to be confident and sell yourself, it can be nerve-wracking! Thankfully, if you're feeling a bit 'Negative Nancy' there are some quick things you can do to give yourself a boost.


Wear your favourite outfit - simple but effective, go to your wardrobe and drag out whatever item of clothing makes you feel like an absolute star - you don't have to wear it for whatever occasion you're feeling nervous about, but looking at yourself in the mirror when you feel great is a very easy way to help you feel better (you could even give yourself a mini fashion show and try on everything you love).

What are you good at? Think about it - everyone is good at at least one single thing. Maybe you're a great painter, a fabulous cook, a fast runner or a green-fingered gardener. Give yourself permission to think about what you're good at, and tell yourself how great you actually are for having such skills!

Work on your to-do list - We've all got them. 33 million things to do in any given week. Don't despair, you don't need to be able to achieve the impossible, but tackle something on there. It might be the smallest thing, but crossing it off will make you feel more in control and more ready to face the rest of the list.

Be good to yourself - This is hard, life is busy, but make it simple. If you're not feeling fabulous, have a 24 hour health kick, book a yoga class, go see a friend, watch a film - whatever gives you some 'me' time without feeling stressed. If I need a boost I throw spinach into every meal I eat for a 24 hour period and it always makes me feel like my iron levels are boosted, I'm not as fatigued and I've done something healthy.

Call a friend - Yep, that's what they're there for. Call them, meet up with them, cajole them into doing something with you - talk to them about why you're feeling nervous/not confident. Chances are they will be more than happy to give you a pep talk.

Imagine the worst - Think this is weird? It's not as strange as you might think. If you imagine all the things that might go wrong, or what you think is the worst that could happen, you can work it through in your head. Let's face it, the chances of whatever it is going so horribly wrong are probably slim to none, so work through it methodically - give yourself a 'if this happened, how could I still make it work' scenario.

Imagine yourself doing it - Another one for your imagination, think of yourself doing whatever it is (being at the interview, singing at the audition, applying for the job, seeing the bank manager, joining the gym) and it goes right - everything goes to plan, it all works out, you do a great job. Once you've done it in your head, there is a much stronger chance of actually being able to carry it out (the mind is a powerful tool, so use it).

Keep some perspective - If it goes wrong, what will happen? If it goes right, what will happen? You might feel like it's a huge deal right at this second, but few things are so life altering that we can't get up and try again. Sometimes we need to have practise runs to get to where we need to be, and they won't always work out first time.

Final thought -  if you don't go for any opportunity, you'll lose them. As the saying goes 'you've got to be in it to win it'.