How to reach your goals and overcome obstacles

Achieving your goals in business can be difficult - here are some simple tips to help you overcome obstacles and reach where you need to be!

Set a firm goal - what is you want to achieve?

Give yourself a timescale - when do you want to do it by?

Write it down - Make a note of what, how, why and when - map out your plan of action - go back to the list and tick things off as you achieve them.

Be accountable - If you struggle to be accountable for yourself, get someone to do it for you - a friend, a mentor or a coach - someone who will regularly ask you where you're at on your path to achievement.

Keep going - The path of least resistance is always the easiest to follow but you probably won't reach where you want to be - even if you fall once, get back up and get going on. Nothing worth doing was ever particularly easy.

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