Bewilderwood - A day out for all the family

On Easter Sunday we made the most of the weather and made the trip from Essex to Norfolk to visit Bewilderwood - we had booked online in advance so saved a few pounds and took a picnic with us as we knew from reviews there were plenty of places to sit and eat.

We're a family of 4, with one child tall enough to do everything there, over 105cm (there are some height restrictions) and one that's between 92-105cm so we had a few concerns about how that would pan out if one was on something that the other wasn't allowed on (the youngest tends to be the most adrenaline fuelled brave one so he would be the first one to the top of anything!) but we needn't have worried because there was so much to satisfy us all, no one got upset!


We got in there, having showed our printed tickets at the entrance gate and collected our wristbands which mean that you can come and go as you please throughout the day, and made our way anti-clockwise into the forest (I always go anti-clock in theme parks and busy places as it seems natural for most people to go clockwise so you can often beat some of the crowds).

We came to the zip wires first, which are in the middle-ish (you can easily do this place a couple of times over in a few hours, which is great because you can get on everything a few times over the day to really get value out of the ticket price. There are zip wires for everyone, a couple of larger ones for the over 105cm and adults (parents, you get out of nothing here, it's geared up to do stuff with your kids, and why wouldn't you want to?) and then there is a smaller area with zip wires with seats on for the younger kids - both of ours loved them and this was the thing we went on over and over again!

Next we got to the slides, but there are 2 sets of slides, so don't think those next to the zip wires are the only ones! There are single slides, sack slides, triple slides, they're really good for kids and adults. There are also little playgrounds dotted around which both of ours used, along with a triple swing and a story stage where kids are encouraged to dress up for the stories. 

The picnic area we used was just above the story telling area, and there is a place for ice cream, snacks and hot drinks. Nothing was particularly unreasonably priced - pretty much what you would expect in a theme park sort of place - we paid £5 for 2 ice creams with flakes, but they were pretty big (although we only got small, they were more than big enough for anyone!) and my hubby bought us a hot drink each. I'm not sure how much they were but if it was expensive he would have definitely mentioned it to me! We watched the story telling from the picnic area, which was shaded, but you could sit in the sun too and the tables and benches were clean. There are bins all over the park and people used them, so the place is kept really clean.

Next we did another set of slides, which are near to the big tent area where there are crafts - it was Easter bunny ears when we were there - and there was ample to go around and lots of little tables for parents and kids. The triple slide ended up being a fave for us, so myself and hubby took it in turns to go up with the kids and come down as a three which the boys loved.

Despite the sunshine and bank holiday weekend, we really didn't wait more than 5 minutes for anything so the kids kept going up and down on the things they loved! There is also another little area here with swings, slides, climbing wall etc, and another ice cream/drinks place and picnic area.

We then made our way back across the park, and tried den building, the tree top maze and the treehouses, all of which you could easily spend a while going around over and over, as there are lots of ways in and out of each thing.

They were offering free face painting on the day, and myself and our eldest had ours done - it was Easter bunnies, and was really quick, but a fun thing to do.

After a fun filled day, we were all exhausted, and so made our way down to the boats to take the short trip back to the car park - this is again included in your ticket price, and is a really nice way to end the day (you can get the boat at the start too) but beware this is where the queues were. There were 3 boats on the day, and they only take 12 people each, so you might wait a while. The good thing is you can take buggies on and don't have to fold them down, so it was easy to get on and off without too much fuss.

In all, it was a really good day. Yes, it is a massive adventure park, in a beautiful forest - if the outdoors is for you then you'll probably love it - if you're expecting big rides or Disneyland that's not what this place is, but it is lovely for kids and adults alike, and is done really well with lovely staff, a nice clean park and great equipment.

Top tips:

Walk around Anti-clockwise to beat the crowds

Put your kids in the brightest outfits they have (mine were in garish yellow but we could never not see them amongst the other kids and I've had many comments from other mums about this in various theme parks and on days out because it's something that I always do).

Take a first aid kit - yes, there are points all around these places, but being able to do a quick fix until someone arrives is handy.

Wear practical clothes - it really is a flat shoe like a trainer/pump place, and trousers/long shorts.