All the trends you need to know for AW 19/20

We're in what the fashion world calls 'a transitional phase' where the season is not quite defined but we're heading towards wearing different clothes. (Basically the time between Summer and Autumn). So get ready to hang up those flip flops and say 'hello' boots!

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So much of the fashion world is defined by trends, often whimsical, and everyone rushes to buy the latest 'fast' fashion - but what if someone broke it down for you and explained what you could wear that you already have, and only needed to add a couple of items to your existing wardrobe to get the latest look - sound good? Then read on.

Let's start with what's still 'in' that you might have in your wardrobe from last winter.

  • The teddy coat - any variation or colour - they are back in the suppliers look books and on the catwalks - get yours out, check whether it needs cleaning - and have it ready.
  • Florals, particularly on dark backgrounds - dresses, skirts, blouses - they are here to stay! If you don't already have a key black dress with print, check out this great dress made from stretch jersey to flatter every shape.
  • Check - Dog tooth, hounds tooth, Princess of Wales - get out your check clothes and if you have any classic pieces (well cut trousers, coats, blazers etc) get ready to be wearing them again.
  • Polka dot and animal print - Do they ever go away? I don't think they do so get them out and see what you can team them with - spots and dots, zebra and leopard print, they are still bang on trend - if you're feeling brave wear them all over, if you like to be less bold in your look, team them with a plainer item for just a bit of oomph.
  • Mac style coats - These will never go out of fashion, particularly a good quality one - for a fresh look add a different belt.

For some key pieces to add to your wardrobe, perfect for busy mums who want to be stylish click here

What else is in?

  • Camel colour everything and nudes. Creams, bieges, whites, go head to toe nude or add a touch with a biege bag or camel boots - you'll be sporting what all the fashionista's are wearing!
  • Bold colour blocks - Think pale pink on dark pink, mustard and gold, top to toe blue, green or yellow - if you're feeling brave this is the look for you. So grab those green trousers, pull out your brightest blazer, layering colour on colour is right where it's at this season and is sure to brighten up those bleak winter days.
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  • Leather - not for everyone, although the faux leather and leather look stuff is great nowadays (I personally don't wear leather, so anything you see me in that looks like it's leather is faux). Skirts, knee high boots, jackets, longline coats, even shorts - this is a big look for this season. Try adding just a touch to your outfit if you don't fancy the full look.
  • Bourgeois dressing - Think blazers, heels, pleated skirts - anything with a great cut and that looks classic is the way to go to get this look this season.

So now you know what you're looking for, how do you do it in reality to your own wardrobe and style? Well fashion is fashion, and very different to style. What you wear has to work for you so wearing the outfits that came straight off the catwalks aren't going to work in everyday life.

The best way to do it is to be choosy. Pick the parts that work for you. If you like animal print but find it hard to wear as part of your clothing, grab some earrings or a scarf in that print and pop them on to add to a look. If you have a pink top you love, but don't want to wear it with pink trousers and a pink jacket, just team it with black jeans and a black jacket and grab a statement necklace to add to your top.

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Stylist top tip - Add a pair of colour pop shoes to any outfit in any colour and you'll immediately freshen up your look and appear brave and bold. Same with bags - they're an easy way to add a splash of colour or pattern without spending a fortune or having to buy tons of new clothes.

What you have to do is experiment. This is the perfect time of year for a wardrobe edit. Spend half a day looking at all your Autumn/Winter clothes and popping your summer stuff away to keep it fresh for next Spring. When you haven't seen pieces for a few months, you see them with fresh eyes and getting to grips with how to wear them to make them feel up to date is a great way of saving money and time.